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Welcome to Bogong Centre for Sound Culture’s Between Two Sites Audio Described website. The exhibition has been made accessible to blind and low vision communities through audio description, available in audio and text formats on this dedicated website and via printed QR code posters displayed throughout the gallery at Burrinja, Upwey, Victoria, Australia.

List of all audio described artworks and accompanying bios: Ecotone by Anne McCallum, I Once Heard a Bird Sing by Madelynne Cornish, Above the Snow Line triptych 2 by Sarah Lynch, Above the Snow Line triptych 1 by Sarah Lynch, Kiewa by Shannon Collis, Look Both Ways no1 by Lesley Duxbury, Untitled 1 to 6 by Lesley Duxbury, Between Heaven and Earth by Sarah Edwards, Ground Cover by Sarah Edwards and Junction Re-Sonant sound work by Amias Hanley.

The structure and content of each artwork description includes title, artist name, materials used, dimensions, visual description, tactile instruction (if appropriate), and artwork context. 

If you would like to obtain a copy of the accessible transcripts in large print only, please send your email request to:

About Between Two Sites 

About Between Two Sites
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About the Between Two Sites - 

About Bogong Centre for Sound Culture

About BCSC
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About the Bogong Centre for Sound Culture - 

Attending Between Two Sites at Burrinja & accessing the QR codes in gallery

If you are attending Between Two Sites physical exhibition at the gallery at Burrinja, people will be able to access:

  • a description of the gallery in audio and large-print text-based formats, containing information to assist with understanding how the exhibition and artworks have been laid out and navigating the space

  • the audio description of each artwork by using your phone to scan an A4 sized QR code poster that is displayed and located in close proximity, to the right of the work, on the wall, about 1 metre high from the floor

  • a printed catalogue of compiled QR codes and large print transcripts which can be found on a table in the gallery’s first small alcove area upon entry to the exhibition.

Accessibility, enquiries & about Burrinja

If you have any enquiries ahead of your visit please contact Burrinja:

Phone 03 9754 8723 Tuesday to Friday between 10am to 4pm


If you have any enquiries or require assistance on arrival or during your visit at the gallery, please seek out any of the Burrinja staff located at reception. The reception desk is 10 metres to the left after you enter the centre’s main entrance through a series of two automated sliding glass doors.

Burrinja links

Tactile Interactions

Only three of the installations are suitable for tactile interactions and is welcomed by the exhibiting artists.  

These are specifically:

  • Anne McCallum’s installation called Ecotone featuring objects displayed on the floor made of natural fibres and found materials in the first alcove area upon entry to the gallery

  • The wooden cabinet of Madelynne Cornish’s work I Once Heard a Bird Sing in the first big gallery space  

  • Sarah Edwards’ Ground Cover installation featuring objects hanging and on the floor made of found natural materials cast in latex or resin in the third gallery space.

Please be respectful in the care and handling of these objects and be sure to place them back where you found. If you require assistance with tactile interactions, please seek out Burrinja staff in the gallery or at reception. 

Feedback about Between Two Sites- Audio Described

Your feedback is important to us. 

Please don’t hesitate sharing your experience of the exhibition, or of the website or of your visit at Burrinja.


Your feedback will help us to identify what worked well and what needs to be improved in the future.


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